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We reduced analytics to what you really need to grow your Amazon business easily. We help you understand your retail and advertising data, make the right investment decisons and build a stronger brand. 

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Meet our simple software solution for AI-based analytics on Amazon

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Business Report

Full transparency in traffic, activations, and sales for Vendors and Sellers.
Understand your Amazon advertising performance from Sponsored Ads and DSP like never before.
Monitor your product margin by adding fixed and variable costs on ASIN-level.
Portfolio Report

Portfolio Report

Understand how your content ranks compared to the best selling products in your category.
Discover which competitors are advertising on your detail pages and try to profit from your customers.
Monitor how often your products show up in Amazon's paid and organic search results vs. competitor's products.

Enhance your Analytics Hub with

Smart Add Ons

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DSP Report

icon_sponsored ads

Sponsored Ads Report

icon_keyword generator

Keyword Generator

icon_portfolio analyser

Portfolio Analyser

icon_business forecast

Business Forecast

icon_advertising planner

Advertising Planner

icon_visibility monitor

Visibility Monitor

icon_brand analytics pro

Brand Analytics Pro

Illustration_Portfolio Analyzer

Analyze your whole portfolio along products or categories on a strategic level 

Easily decide what to do next:

  • Protect your "Star" products with high conversion rate and high share of traffic
  • Nurture your "Quick Buy" products with high conversion rate but low share of traffic 
  • Increase conversion rate for your "Shelf Warmers" with high share of traffic 
Advertising performance

Deep and complete advertising data for Amazon Sponsored Ads and DSP

Available features:

  • Advertising performance reporting​
  • Targeting, keyword, and ASIN reporting
  • Visibility tracking​ in search (organic & paid)
  • Budget & demand planner
Product Insights DE

Granular and actionable market intelligence including category & competitor benchmarking

Available features:

  • Visibility in Amazon search
  • Advertising share on product detail pages
  • Benchmark your listing via content scores
  • Category sales rank & trends

Tailormade services to support your business growth

Available features:

  • Alerts & monitoring
  • Recommendation engine
  • Custom success team
  • Tool & technical onboarding


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As a Vendor, which KPIs and reports can I access?

Through our web interface, you can access all relevant reports from Amazon Advertising, Brand Analytics, and KPIs from Sales Diagnostic, Inventory Health, Traffic Diagnostic, Net PPM, Amazon Search Terms, and many more. Additionally, we report on the performance of deal campaigns such as coupons and best deals.

As a Seller, which KPIs and reports can I access?

Through our web interface, you can access Amazon Advertising reports, Business Reports including Page Views from Seller Central. If available, we also provide access to reports from Brand Analytics such as Amazon Search Terms Frequency and many more. Additionally, we report on the performance of deal campaigns such as coupons and best deals.  

Do you report on all Amazon Advertising programs?

Yes. Our software is connected to all Amazon Advertising APIs and reports. That includes all of PPC formats (Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Brand Video Ads, Sponsored Display Ads), as well as Amazon DSP reports on Campaigns, Targeting Segments, and Site delivery. 

Can I see what my competitors are doing?

Yes. We give you insights about competitor's advertising activities your Product Detail Pages and visibility on Amazon's search page (organic and paid) down to keyword level. You can also investigate bestselling brands and products per category including their Sales Rank development. 

Can I track the buy box and seller activity to understand price development for my product?

Yes. 💸