Market Insights

With Market Insights, brands get a 360-degree competitive analysis about products and bestsellers on Amazon marketplaces. Discover your market potential and identify dynamics in the market to run data-driven investment decisions.


Analyze the visibility of your products

Compare the visibility of your products and the competition along the key touchpoints on Amazon marketplaces. 

Market Insights offers you access to multiple reports based on:

  • Search results
  • Product detail pages
  • Bestseller lists 

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Insights from search results 

Use brand- and product-level insights from search result pages for all of your keywords. You can analyze paid and organic visibility of your own product portfolio and that of your competition.

Your insights in a nutshell:

  • What are the top-ranked products and brands?
  • How did product rankings change over time?
  • How brands and products are being shown in the search results for a specific or all of your keywords?
  • What is the visibility share of the top 10 organic and paid brands?
  • What are the average rating and pricing of your competitors on your search terms?
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Monitor every product detail page 

Get an overview of your competitor's product portfolio based on the information on their Amazon product detail pages.

Your insights in a nutshell:

  • Pricing in the buy box and price development
  • Buy box winner and number of sellers
  • Status of reviews & ratings and content optimization 
  • PDP AD Score: Share of competitor ads

Benchmark yourself with the bestsellers

Look into the Amazon bestseller list of each category and find out which products and brands rank at the top and have the customer's attention.

Your insights in a nutshell:

  • How many brands are competing with how many products?
  • Which brands or products are leading the top 100 sales rank? 
  • Are your products climbing up the sales ranks?
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Identify the most relevant search terms

  • Easily enhance the organic ranking of your products and optimize your paid search strategy
  • Identify the strongest brands and products based on your set of keywords
  • Understand how much click share and sales share your products and competitor products have generated for selected keywords
  • Conveniently export data as PDF, Excel, or CSV



Always be update and get notified by us

Get informed about the most important drivers of your clients' Amazon businesses, so you can act in time. Get notified about

  • Content changes on product detail pages
  • Price and Buy Box changes
  • Product availability
  • Changes in product variations
  • and much more

Why emax digital?​

The key to success in e-commerce lies in data-driven analysis and AI-based recommendations for action. Our cloud-based software helps you make better strategic and day-to-day decisions to save costs and increase sales.

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