Marketing Cloud

The Amazon Marketing Cloud is a Data Clean Room from Amazon based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Ad-Tech platform allows brands and marketers to safely combine and analyze data from Amazon Ads and 1st party sources. With our tool, we are one of the first to offer you easy access and customized reports.

Understand your ad-supported customer journey


Follow the customer journey across the Marketing Funnel 

With the Marketing Cloud, you can follow the users across the different phases of the Marketing Funnel. You can create a hypotheses based on the customer behavior and verify them with advertising reports to conclude your advertising strategy.

You can analyze the different KPIs during the customer journey:

Awareness: CPC, CTR & CPM

Consideration: Detail Page Views & Add to Cart

Conversion: Product Sale & ROAS

Loyalty: Subscribe and Save & Repeat Purchase Rate

Start your cross-channel advertising analysis

Path to conversion by campaign type

With the Marketing Cloud you can understand the customer journey a lot better, until the moment of conversion. It enables you to understand the campaign types where the users come from: DSP or Sponsored Ads. In the end, you should be able to answer the following questions: 

Which combination of campaigns generated

  • the most conversions?
  • the most impressions?
  • the highest ROAS?

Path to conversion by device

With the Marketing Cloud, you can also analyze your customer journey based on the devices they use. Find out if they saw your campaigns on their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

How many times did your campaign play before your customers decided to buy?

Increase your marketing efficiency by optimizing the frequency of campaigns played.

Track your cross-channel performance

Measure the effectiveness of your single-channel and cross-channel advertising campaigns. Is the impact of your advertising higher with your target audience by combining sponsored ads and DSP?

Find out with the Marketing Cloud.


Core features of the Marketing Cloud



Understand your campaign performance along the customer journey. Make data-driven decisions for your cross-channel advertising strategy.


Data Protection

Considering the current data protection regulations, our software solution works exclusively with pseudonymized information. The data is only available to you and cannot be provided or exported to Amazon or competitors.

icon_dsp report


With our customized reports, detailed analysis down to the customer level is possible. Check in detail which campaigns users have seen.



Using and implementing Amazon Marketing Cloud for a business is not easy. You need a certain knowledge of SQL. At emax digital, we've automated the entire process so you can get started right away with access through our product.


Discover the Marketing Cloud

What You Can Expect!

✔️ Easy to set up and get started thanks to our pre-built analytics and reports. 

✔️ Quickly make first decisions based on the combined data of your Sponsored Ads and DSP campaigns.  

✔️ Get more efficiency out of your Amazon DSP and Sponsored Ads budgets by understanding how they interact.

✔️ Verify your own hypotheses with our Data Science team and reevaluate your advertising strategy on Amazon.

✔️ The Marketing Cloud is a playground for analytical marketers who want to look at advertising data along the marketing funnel. 

✔️ Develop new attribution models with your own data to holistically measure the success of your marketing campaigns.


Important to know!

❌ The Marketing Cloud is not a simple Excel report that can be downloaded from the Amazon Ads console or API.

❌ The Marketing Cloud is not suitable for cent-by-cent reporting of your Sponsored Ads and DSP campaigns. 

❌ Deep analyses are usually very individual. Truly new insights are not available as "one-size-fits-all" reporting.

❌ The data from the Data Clean Room is only slightly comparable with the reports from the Amazon Ads console or API.

❌ The evaluations only look at the ad-supported customer journey on Amazon if you do not bring in your own data.

❌ In order to combine the data from the AMC in a meaningful way, you need expert knowledge about Amazon Ads programs and database queries.

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What is the Marketing Cloud?

MC is an ad-tech platform, that helps you understand your advertising data along the marketing funnel, from a customer's point of view. 

Why should I use the emax digital Marketing Cloud?

Our software solution provides cross-channel data on your advertising campaigns, allowing you to analyze and optimize the efficiency of your campaigns.

How can I access the AMC?

In order to be eligible for the MC program, you need an account in Amazon DSP, as well as for the Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Who should use the Marketing Cloud?

The Marketing Cloud is especially useful if you're running DSP and Sponsored Ads campaigns.

Is coding knowledge needed for AMC?

Yes, it is important that you are familiar with SQL coding in order to use AMC. We are happy to offer you support from one of our Data Scientists.

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